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Concept Drawing

Our Ethos

Oak Run is a place where homes have a quiet and understated elegance. Here, nature and the luxury modern farmhouse aesthetic intertwine.

Oak Run is an oasis for those longing for more space.


A place where residents can enjoy a contemporary and harmonious design that complements the natural environment that surrounds their home.

The goal of Oak Run is to foster a better way of living.

Are you looking to elevate your living environment with more nature, space, and time spent with loved ones? Oak Run offers you all this and more.


Oak Run promotes home design that celebrates indoor/outdoor living, the natural landscape, contemporary architecture, and the opportunity for intergenerational living.


The design framework and spacious homesites of Oak Run allow for each of these elements and more.

Oak Run was created to be valued and cherished by its residents for generations to come while representing a stunning and unique architectural achievement for West Feliciana and St. Francisville.

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